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For those who dare to dream

There is one power that supercedes all others known to Man.

There has never been a power as immediately effective,
as consistently satisfying and fulfilling, nor will there ever be,
as long as there are human beings on this earth.

You yourself cannot argue... You're smart enough to agree with the power of this amazing shortcut and too stupid to tap into it.  Yes, you.

 I can prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt in the next 60 minutes.

Not one philosopher, doctor, teacher, billionaire or gold medallist will argue:

There is one resource available to every human being unconditionally guaranteed to get results today; a magic power you can tap into in the next 60 seconds. It is guaranteed to bring you immediate, instant progress towards your sweetest, deepest dream. It is the power of acting within this minute in time, for   this is the most powerful minute you can possess.

In fact, this next hour will present to you, at considerable cost, sixty individual opportunities to do things with low effort, average effort, or superior effort. Sixty individual minutes of mediocrity or excellence, decided and determined by nothing and no one but you.

Are you low, average, or superior?

As it is with every human being, the next sixty minutes will tell us best, hm?

  Plant YOUR seeds of power!   Water and nurture them with daily movies.   CAN DO!  

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